I have a dream

I have a dream to be a marine biologist and go diving with sharks and have a tragic death so everyone remembers me. These are the steps to how I will do this:

*Get a degree in biology and science

*Study marine biology

*Become a marine biologist

*Go diving with sharks

*Die a tragic death

*Everyone remembers me

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brilliant poem

Countless windows to the eyes can see.

Once was one of Rome’s popular attractions.

Lion ,tigers and hippos they fought.

Out of their countries people would come.

See the amazing gladiators fight.

Started to build in 80 AD.

Excitement surges down your spine.

Useless  you feel until you observe.

Momentous coloseum is an area of despair.

Bonnie McKay-Smith

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The Wicked Witch of the West

Her once kind and loving face, now green she spotted the and evil grew from a fierce frown to an ugly and rotten smirk when she spotted the ruby slippers. Her merciless heart as black as coal skipped a beat as she discovered the new owner of the shoes (known as Dorothy), she quickly reached for them with her long, bony and lime green fingers, suddenly bright white light flashed before her eyes whilst injecting large doses of unbearable pain to her body. She swiftly pulled her hands away and suddenly the agony stopped…

By Molly McKay-Smith

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Wonders Of The World

The greatest wall of them all,

further than the eye can see,

keeping china a famly,

continuous steps,

very long,

super strong,

structure of the past,

buried inside the hills of china,

separating 2 lethal enemies.

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wonder acrostic

Torn by the elements

High in the sky

Eyes that have seen


Gigantic and strong

Rare and fascinating

Emerged from stone

Altered through time

Tinted with death

Wonderful , winding , winding


Long and strong

Learning its secrets



Forever lasting






Always and forever


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My D.A.R.E report

Over the past few weeks, we have been taking part in an excellent programme, D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E ( drug, abuse,  resistance education) is all about alcohol, bullying, smoking and resisting drugs. This programme is led by the very funny officer, who is named officer Hand.

These lessons were like no others I had experienced. Officer Hand taught us to have confidence when saying no in difficult situations, like if someone offered you a cigarette and you didn’t want to.

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Over the past two months we have been working on D.A.R.E [drug abuse resistance education]a programme mainly aimed at year six pupils. This amazing course is lead by Officer Hand [an exiting retired officer ]. D.A.R.E covers a lot of things such as peer pressure, alcohol, smoking, bullying and much  more. It also teaches us how to make the right decisions in life.

From these lessons I have gained a lot of valuable information about what drugs are illegal to how to say “no” in tricky situations. My favourite lessons were when we created a cyber bullying posters and  the role play we took part in. The work we have done would not have been so hilarious if no one had behaved how they did. I particularly enjoyed how we pretended to be police officers and investigated a situation.

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Taj Mahal poem

Built for the princes dear wife,

Crafted with vigour, love and his life,

Polished marble brightly gleams,

Carved at the structure and chiselled at the seams.


The reflection of the river sees the beauty within,

Yet he was charged because of his sin,

The workers hand are no longer here,

So everybody trembles with deep fear.


This building is rare and one of a kind,

Yet it is so easy to find,

There are six other wonders in this world,

Each with parts straight and curled.


By Ruby Easthope



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tin man description

Rusted with age, Tin man is a body of empty metal. Oil is his saviour when rain falls, even though empty he is still filled with fear -suddenly frozen…

An alarming echo reverberates through his bronze torso, reminding him of his disability to hear the sound of his own ticking heart in the deafening silence

by Kacey


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My Petra poem

Standing in solitude until disturbed

Petra, one of the wonders of the world

a majestic structure carved, then abandoned

hidden treasures to be uncovered


Guarded by protective hills

when deserted it gives me the chills

what is inside, know body seems to know

but everyone appears to want to go


The old, cracked walls were carved with mystery

this building is going in history

always has tourists, never has fun

its days of being unknown are done.

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